Saturday, February 28, 2009

My 2009 Signature Collection ~ Ashland!

Ashland is dedicated to my daughter, Brandi, and her husband, Ryan. They've painted the rooms in their home different colors and with different paint techniques, and it looks great!

3 Ashland Sets hit the stores today, one FREE album will be available starting tomorrow, AND I have more in the works! I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!

Ashland at Gotta Pixel
Ashland at Digitals
Ashland at Divine Digital

Ashland Basics
great set to go with all of the others but it can stand alone as well

Ashland Collection ~ Baby Cakes
8 babies and lots of baby goodies

Ashland Collection ~ My Big Friends
for photos of your children with all their adult friends

This is really exciting! I was asked by Stacey Jewell Stahl to make something really special to give away to subscribers of the Artisan Notebook during March. The theme for March is Babies, Adoption, and Pets. With my daughter in the adoption process, I had to make a baby set. That's how Ashland came to be, and here is a peek at what all the Artisan Notebook subscribers will get FREE during March. You can get to the Artisan Notebook by clicking HERE. Make sure to come back and check it out in March. :)

I used some of the quick pages from my album to make pages for Brandi...
and Tommy... :)

Fun Funky Mystery Numbers at Gotta Pixel ~ Get some free numerals to match Ashland. Click HERE to play.

Designers Element Challenge at Digitals ~ yes, made to match Ashland :)

Starting tomorrow, I'll be offering this little mini FREE at Digitals in the Designers Element Challenge. Just sign up HERE when you see the new March thread pop up (later today I hope lol), and I'll send it to you to work with.

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