Sunday, July 29, 2007

Christmas In July AND a CONTEST!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Nope....not's the Marketing Goddess here to bring you a bit of Christmas in July!!! Kathryn has some WONDERFULLY FUN Christmas kits on sale at GottaPixel as a little Christmas in July celebration for you all!!! Check out how adorable these kits are....

How could ANYONE resist these cute kits FULL of fun papers and elements?! Check out the toppling moose Christmas tree, and the too-good-to-eat Gingerbread men!!! You can get KissMoose and Peppermint Pieces 50% off, but only till the end of the month!! So hurry over to GottaPixel to pick up these super sweet, super cute kits!!

Now, Kathryn is a HUGE pet for all you pet lovers out there...did you REALLY think she would forget about you too?! NO WAY!!! Her Christmas in July sale also includes an ADORABLE Deck the Doghouse aka A Kitty Christmas page kit just for you dogs and cat lovers!! How sweet is she?!?! Check out how cute this kit is......

Also on sale are some FANTASTIC Ho Ho Thank You Cards !!! You can NOT beat this price!! And how much would the relatives LOVE to get a Thank You card from the kids with a picture of them WITH THE GIFT?!?! Just snap your Christmas morning photos, stick the pictures in these Super Quick and Easy Thank You Card frames, and either email them or print them out and mail them off!! And as an added bonus....these are FUN!!! Which means you won't have to fight with the kids to get them to write boring thank you notes (We've ALL been THERE!!!). Check out how cute these are....While you are there don't forget to check out the Quick Pages she has available in both KissMoose and Peppermint Pieces!!

And now...for the news you have been waiting for!! A CONTEST!! Since the Christmas in July sale ends Tuesday, we thought we would hold a little contest and give someone an extra little "Christmas" gift! So....pick up ANY of the Christmas kits (EXCLUDING the QP and Thank You Notes) and post your LO's wherever you have your gallery (Provided the gallery is public. Please do NOT use private galleries that must be joined to view. You MAY use public galleries, or your own blogs if they are public though) and then come back here and post a comment with your link. You may scrap up to 3 LO's per page kit...which means...if you buy all three kits, you may submit 9 LO's. Kathryn, myself, and her whole creative team will then pick our favorite Holiday Inspired LO and the winner will recieve a gift certificate for $10.00 good for any non-commercial products in Kathryn's GottaPixel store!! How cool is that?!?! Deadline for entries will be Midnight EASTERN time on Wednesday August 1st (Thursday morning August 2nd...since I always get confused if people mean Midnight when it turns that day, or Midnight when it stops being that day I've tried to clarify it for you. We mean Midnight when it STOPS being August 1st!!) Good luck...I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!! There are SO MANY amazing scrappers out there that it blows my mind. MERRY SCRAPPING!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Floral Stickers ~ from me to you :)

I'm sure you're enjoying my Marketing Goddess posts as much as I am. She's a real sweetie, and she's giving me a big head! lol

Yes, I am super excited to now be a Candy Girl! ~ did you see my new blinkie? ~ AND, yes, I have been busy designing, and having a lot of fun with it, too. It's been exciting to watch Amaryllis and American Lily come to life! They're full of blended papers and delicate elements and floral stickers.

I couldn't stop there though!

Here is a little set of extra floral stickers that are just right with both of these pretty kits. I hope you enjoy them! Make sure to see the full page kits and lots of layouts made with each of them at all three of my stores!

Go HERE to get this gorgeous FREEBIE from me to you.
Please leave a comment if you like my designs. :)

Amaryllis Page Set

American Lily Page Set

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

American Lily and a BIG Announcement!!

It is the Marketing Goddess once again, and I am SO pleased to bring you the previews of Kathryn's new kit!!! I told you all that she was hard at work creating a STUNNING new kit, and WOW was I right!!! Check out this incredibly GORGEOUS new kit that is available at her GottaPixel store...

And now for the big announcement...Drum Roll Please.......Kathryn has been invited to sell her stunning creations at Digital Candy!! Her stuff isn't in the store just yet, but I will be sure to let you know when it does go up. She will be selling the same things in that store as in her GottaPixel one, BUT....this additional store will mean added exposure for a designer that TRULY deserves it!!! Be sure to leave her lots of love and congratulations and DON'T forget to come to GottaPixel and grab this fantastic kit!!

OH!! I almost forgot....if you have a LO you have made with any of Kathryn's kits, or with her freebies, be sure to leave a comment with a link so we can see it!!!

Check back tomorrow.....there might be a goodie for you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Party, Party, Party!!

Hey its the Marketing Goddess once again!! So its summer, and we all know what that means....Parties of course!! Parties, fairs, carnivals, amusement parks and BBQ's!!! All the super fun activities that we associate with summertime! Kathryn has an AWESOME Party Page Kit available at her Scrapbook-Elements store just for these exciting events! Be sure to check out ALL of her page kits and don't forget about her store at GottaPixel too!!!

LO by Junglemom

Monday, July 23, 2007

Love math? Love freebies? Check this out!

You don't usually think of math and digital scrapbooking together, but they're two of my interests, so there you have it. In my other life ~ 10 months of the year anyway, I coordinate the Gifted/Talented program at my elementary school. When my students aren't working on product development, they absolutely love academic competitions, and one of their favorites is Mystery Number. Last September I decided to start offering Fun Funky Mystery Numbers to the members of Gotta Pixel, giving them a new puzzle each week, and I've been amazed at how it's taken off! My favorite comments are from all the people who tell me they hated math before they found my game. lol

So, give it a shot. I have a new game each week, and a different FREE set of numerals each month. Check out this week's puzzle here ~ Fun Funky Mystery Numbers.

There is only one more week left to get the July prize ~ numerals made out of pewter:

The pewter numerals this month match perfectly all the pewter I've put in lots of my kits. Two of my favorite with pewter are Infinity and Simply Soft. Both full collections are found at Gotta Pixel.
Play now and then watch for August numerals to be coming out soon.

Oh, I love your comments! Let me know if you're already playing my Fun Funky Mystery Game or if you're heading over there now. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Super Fun Summer Kit!!

Hey everyone...Kathryn is very busy designing a fantastic new kit, so as her trusted Marketing Goddess, I'll be the one posting today!! Have you been to Kathryn's store at GottaPixel yet? If not you definitely should!! She has a FANTASTIC kit absolutely PERFECT for summer called "Flip Flop Summer"!! How fun is that?! Below is a preview of the super fun kit and a LO so you can see all the great bright colors in use. Be sure to stop by her GottaPixel store and check out all of her super fantastic stuff!!! And don't forget to also visit her store at Scrapbook-Elements for ever MORE exciting kits!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pretty as a picture ~ Just for YOU!

Here's a little free Quick Page for you. I used pieces from my Infinity Page Set, my Flower Factory for Designers, and my Magic Stacks Set 1. Hope you like it. The pretty bride is my son's wife, Audra.
Click HERE to download this pretty free quick page and make sure to
leave a little note if you like my work.

Please visit Gotta Pixel to see more of the Infinity Page Set.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

52 Weeks of Inspiration Challenge ~ SBE ~ great posting gifts!

What a crazy busy week! So much has been happening at both of my stores, and I'm just now getting back in here to tell you what's going on.
I'm hosting the 52 Weeks of Inspiration Challenge at Scrapbook-Elements, and every single week I give you a new idea to scrap. Go HERE to read more about this fun event, and read also about how you can help me design the next kit to be given away. I'd love your input! For participating this week, you'll get this beautiful shadowbox quick page created from my Amaryllis Page Set at SBE.At Gotta Pixel, I've been making Magic Stacks like they're going out of style! Well, they're just in style actually, and I have 5! sets of Magic Stacks in the store now! They're really easy to use and you get a cool stacked look in just a few seconds. Here's a free one for you to try out. Make sure to also check out the Magic Stacks I have at Gotta Pixel. Even more styles are coming soon!

Click here to download your free Magic Stacks!
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Here's a fun one you might like...

Click on the preview to see more.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Big News ~ Lynda C and I have been published!

My first toot toot ever! I'm just like dancing all over the place, or should I say strutting! Woohoo!! Scrap Street Magazine has just published a really cute layout created by Lynda Choquette, and she made it with my Ride Baby Ride page kit! How cool is that?! Thanks for looking! Thank you, Lynda, and Congratulations!
Here's her layout ~

and here's a peek at Shelly and her friends ~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

This is my very first post on my very first blog, and little things are exciting sometimes, you know? I'm a digital scrapbook designer just having tons of fun doing what I do. To celebrate my newfound bloghood, I've made a special sticker with all of my bodacious bugs on it. Meet Sparky, Lily, Pompom, Buttons, and Dragie. :)

My whole Bodacious Series is available at

Click HERE to download my first blog freebie!
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