Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ribbon Wrap Quickies

Hey's me, the Naughty-Never ever on time with posts-Ought to be flogged with a wet noodle Marketing Goddess here to tell you about yet another amazing item Kathryn has out for you to rush off to purchase. Her Ribbon Wrap quickies coordinate with her Blue Magnolia Kit and her Amaryllis Kit, both in her Scrapbook Elements Store. And just to make life easier for all of us (And let me tell ya folks...Kathryn's life is a complete TORNADO!!! A new Hubby, a full time job education wonderful little people all day long (Can you say SAINT?!), and I'm fairly sure she designs 24/7 (Don't ask me how she manages I'm still trying to find time to make a simple blog entry!!! )) she designed these GORGEOUS quickies. Check out these ones here that go with Blue Magnolia......

You can find these at Scrapbook Elements. Check out the adorable LO I did using these Blue Magnolia Quickies and the Blue Magnolia Kit.

And these Super Beautiful Ribbon Wrap Quickies coordinate with her OMGOSH SOOOOO Gorgeous Amaryllis Page Kit....

Here is a LO I did using both the Amaryllis Page Kit and the Ribbon Wrap Quckies....HOW Beautiful are they both together?!?!

So RUN....Don't walk...Do NOT Pass Go, Do NOT Collect $100.00....RUN over to Scrapbook Elements and pick up these GORGEOUS Ribbon Wrap Quickes, and while you are there Don't forget to check out Amaryllis and Blue Magnolia.....

Happy Scrapping!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Look out, Kindergarten! Here I come!

Wow! Where'd the summer go? Can't believe I'm back into the school routine now. Teachers started this week, and the kids come on Monday.

So many precious memories in those early school years. If you're like I was, you take pictures of every little thing. Don't lose those sweet memories. Here's the perfect kit to scrap those early school years. It's called Kindergarten Kisses, 'cause I liked the sound :), but it's just as good for preschool or for early elementary. Click on the preview to go straight to the kit in my Gotta Pixel Store.

Thanks for looking!

Now for the goodie! To celebrate the beginning of school year 2007-2008
and to wish all the little guys and girls out there a fun and fabulous year,
HERE are a few extra elements that match Kindergarten Kisses.
Scroll down a bit to see more great Kathryn's Kisses Kits ~
and more to come :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Kits! New Sale! New Event! New FREEBIE! and they're all delicious!

20 full and fabulous pages sets are on sale in my Scrapbook-Elements Store through Wed., the 22nd! Don't miss this chance to get these cute and gorgeous sets at great prices!
Click HERE to go straight to my SBE Store.
Sarah Meyer, Lynne Simmons, and I are back with our newest Brag Book Exchange at Gotta Pixel. Here is the Delicious! mini kit you'll receive just for participating. With 3 of us making this, it ended up not so mini! Click HERE to come out and play.

This mini kit matches the cute new kits we have just put in the store today. To purchase, click on the preview below to go to the kits in the store. Don't miss picking these up at this great price!
Can’t wait to see who’s gonna play this time! Woohoo! It's Delicious Brag Book sign up time!

Sarah and I also have our kits on Sale at Digital Candy. :)
My first Layout with this kit features Sarah's little sweetie.Look how cool the basket is in this kit!It comes in pieces so you can easily fill it with someone tiny and cute.

I had so much fun with this kit that I wanted you to have some great Delicious pieces right away.

Click HERE to download this gift and remember to leave a little love when you do.

Then come back and do some serious Delicious shopping while the kits are on sale. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Licorice Kisses!!

Hey guys!! First of all, I want to thank everyone so much for the awesome comments you left both here, and at 4share about the Watermelon Kisses QP I made for you all!! When you use it, it would be so GREAT if you could remember to leave a link to your LO here so we can go and leave you some love!!

So...if you liked Watermelon Kisses you are going to LOVE Licorice Kisses!!!! The great combination of Red, Black, and White is great for boys, girls, and ANIMALS!!!! Its such a fun kit to play with. Oh and in case you didn't grab the grab bag Kathryn had for sale for ONLY $2.00, this kit was what you missed!!!! You can pick it up now at the GottaPixel store....but just know for next time...Kathryn's grab bags have GREAT things in them!!!

Check out this LO I made using Kathryn's great kit and her awesome photo wraps!

Check out this great LO made by TNChick with Kathryn's Licorice Kisses kit, and with Kathryn's Daisy Mae Check Photo Wraps

Until Next time....Happy Scrapping!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ummm? Another Apology?? And a FREEBIE!!

Ok how is it that I am apologizing 2 days in a row?? I got so scattered yesterday I never made it back here to post the freebie for you guys...SO...once again...SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! BUT...I come bearing a gift!! So that has to count for something right?!?!?

(little note inserted by Kathryn...No, Dawn. This was not your fault. You made this sweet quick page right away, and you wanted to show me first. Of course, I was no where to be found. I love it! You guys, this is so worth the wait!)

Check this out....

HOW adorable is this QP made I made for you with Kathryn's super cute Watermelon Kisses kit? You can download it HERE, but please be sure to leave a comment if you do. And absolutely feel free to leave a link so we can see your LO!!!

Don't forget to visit Kathryn's GottaPixel Store to check out her other super great kits!! She has so many fantastic things for you to make gorgeous Layouts with!!! Trust will NOT be sorry!!!

Stop back tomorrow to see the next installment of Kathryn's great KISSES series!!! Until then....Happy Scrapping!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


First, my biggest apologies!! I have been a terrible, awful, no good, very bad Marketing Goddess and have not been posting here often enough. *Sigh* As a way to make it up to you all, I will make you a little freebie that I will post later out of something fantastic of Kathryn's!!! So NOT hard to do anyway, cause all her stuff is SO Great!!!!

ANYWAY!!! So....who likes a SALE??? EVERYONE of course!!! You HAVE to scoot over to GottaPixel right away because EVERYTHING in Kathryn's store is 50% off!!! YUP...that was NOT a typo....50%!!! HOW Awesome is that?!?!?!

Check out this adorable new kit she has out....Watermelon Kisses. In fact, Kathryn is coming out with series of KISSES stinking cute is that name?

See how darn cute this kit looks in action??? These are two LOs I made with it, and Kathryn's great Photo Wraps!! Speaking of Photo Wraps....Kathryn has 8 (YES EIGHT!!) sets of them and right now you can pick them up for $2.00 a SET!!!! Thats such a great price how could you not hurry over???

Ok I'm off to get you guys a freebie, and where are you off to? TO SHOP as Kathryn's store of course!!!!

Until later..Happy scrapping!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grab Bag!!! Get it FAST!!

Do you love grab bags? Does it make you feel like Christmas when you're waiting for the download to finish so you can open your "present"?? Well Kathryn has a FANTASTIC grab bag with GREAT goodies in it for ONLY $2.00!!! How great is that price?? And I have seen whats in it, and TRUST definitely want to grab this great bag before its gone!! Run over to her GottaPixel store now to pick this up!! You WON'T be sorry!!! But won't last get it before its gone!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Something special for you!

Roses for Elizabeth was a special kit for me to make. Robert and I are choreographed ballroom dancers ~ very amateur!, and Roses for Elizabeth is one of our favorite dances. I was very pleased with how the stamp and the shimmery metallic plate came out for my kit, so I decided to play some more and make you some additional pieces to match the kit. If you like these please check out Roses as well as American Lily at Gotta Pixel. I also have Amaryllis at Scrapbook-Elements and will have my fourth floral set at SBE on Sunday. :)

Click HERE to download this special Roses for Elizabeth Freebie, and please leave a note when you get it! It's so much fun to check out who's enjoying my designs and to read what you write. :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Roses For Elizabeth

Hey Everyone!!! So remember I told you that Kathryn has been tirelessly working on some AMAZING new things? Well if you didn’t check out the FUN ribbon wraps she has below be sure and do that!! They are fantastic and look great on any page!! How great is she for making all those varieties for us? She definitely thought about what we might need for thousands of different styles of LOs!!

She has an AMAZING new kit available that you all have got to check out!! Its called "Roses for Elizabeth" and it couldn't be more gorgeous if it tried!!! You can find it at her GottaPixel store.

The LO above was done by me (Gurlonthesun), Kathryn's trusted Marketing Goddess!! This kit was so great to work with. Its absolutely stunning, and a complete MUST have for ever scrapper!!!

Until next time....Happy Scrapping!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

So what's made of fabric and ribbon and yarn and even has a FREEBIE to match?

My PHOTO WRAPS are all wrapped up and in my Gotta Pixel store now!!!

Just this morning I released 8, yes, eight! sets of ribbons and fabric and crazy yarn ties that are so much fun! You have to try these! They're pretied and ready to decorate your photos. They're all at Gotta Pixel and are so easy and fun to use! They come tied and sized at 7" which is a great size for a 12" layout. Check these out! My CT's already going nuts over them. Keep scrolling here to see them all 'cause I told you I've been busy! :)
Whatever your scrapping needs, you're surely to find a set or two that will work for you. Just try your first set and you'll be hooked!
These first 2 sets are created with the same colors, so they match perfectly and would be great on the same pages.

This one is great for fun girly layouts,

and this next set, Gingham Brights, matches Daisy Mae Checks exactly.

I've even got some made with double ribbons...

a fun set for those who like things a bit grungy...

and a sweet set for baby pics...

Click HERE to go right to the Photo Wraps in the store.

Now for the FREEBIE you've been waiting for. Here is a quick page made using one of my new Photo Wraps. I also used Daydreams and Daydreams 2 from Scrapbook-Elements.

Click HERE to Download my Daydreams - Photo Wrap Quick Page.

Please leave a comment if you download the quickpage. I love comments, and I really want to know what you think about these new Photo Wraps. :)

We have a winner! Congratulations to Terry F!

First of all, thank you to those who sent layouts in. It was a lot of fun going through the Christmas layouts at this time of year. Since it's so hard for me to decide, I got a little help from my Marketing Goddess, and we chose this layout to be our Christmas in July Blog Layout!It was created by Terry F for her kitty Buddy. Buddy looks quite content all snuggled back under the tree out of the way of all the activity. That's a favorite place for my thee kitties as well. They've never bothered the tree ornaments, but forget having the presents or the skirt just so. If they can move them around at all, they're instant toys. Congratualtions, Terry!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Only 3 more hours to go!

We've seen some great layouts posted in the comments under the big Christmas Contest Post. Some lucky someone will win a GC to my store really soon. If you're still wanting to enter, it's time to get to work on your layouts. Remember, it's "best in show", and I'll be asking my wonderful CT to help me choose their favorite from all that have been turned in. Have fun and good luck!

:) Kathryn