Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Queen Of The Mall!!

Kathryn is on a roll! She’s now, also, the Featured Designer at the Mega-Byte Mall!

I know that she’s too humble to toot her own horn, so I’M tooting it for her! LOL
Kathryn has soooo much going on.

She’s the Featured Designer at Digitals, and is giving out the daily downloads through March 4th. Her store there is 30% off for the occasion. WhooHoo--what a bargain!

Kathryn, also, has a sale going on at Gotta Pixel for 29% off in honor of Leap Year that is good through this Friday the 29th.

ANNNND, now she’s the Featured Designer over at the Mega-byte Mall! Talk about a woman for all seasons. Whew!

So, hop on over to the Mall, and read all about Kathryn. And, while you’re there, pick up another freebie that Kathryn has generously offered to all of us.
PLUS—there’s a coupon good through March 10th for your next purchase in Kathryn’s Gotta Pixel store!

Personally, I just can’t get enough of Kathryn’s new kits Cute Stuff With Daisies, and the matching kit Cute Stuff With Roses. (Or, any of the others). Tee, hee.

Scrap On!


Great crop!

I just had a great time meeting new people and talking to old freinds (in the good sense of the word old lol) at a chat at Digitals. DeDe Smith had one in my honor for being the Featured Designer, and you all who came sure did make me feel special! Here is a little thank you for being so supportive of my habit! It matches my Cute Stuff kits at Digitals and Gotta Pixel. The Roses kit is on sale at both stores, and the Daisy kit is the Daily Download at Digitals for the next week.

Click HERE to download this quick page and remember to check out the full kits in my stores.
~I love comments! ~

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You're all invited!

I almost forgot to invite you all to my Featured Designer crop tomorrow night at Digitals! I'd be thrilled if you could come. It'll be at 9:00 ET in the chat room at Digitals, and of course there will be a little something special just for those who attend. Woohoo! We'll have so much fun!!!

So I hope to see you there, and then come back here to see the freebie I'm putting up here tomorrow night as well. Talk to you soon!

Remember Wed., Feb. 27 - 9pm ET at Digitals! Chat Room is HERE!

I just edited this to show you what I'll be giving away tonight.......

Talk to you soon!

Wishing you Springtime!

New in my stores is Azaleas and the matching Azaleas Album! Along with everything else in my Gotta Pixel Store, these 2 beautiful sets are 29% off though the 29th. Help celebrate Leap Year with me!

Many of you saw this a few months back, but I made all of our wedding invitations, thank you's, a family union - reunion agenda, and some other things from Azaleas and Azaleas Album. Here is another peek at the note I sent at that time to my friends at Gotta Pixel.
Don't forget, too, that I'm still the Featured Designer at Digitals, which means you still have lots of daily freebies to get from my store there AND all of my Digitals products are on sale for 30% off through March 4th!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kathryn_480x60banner-animated.gif picture by KathrynMhire

Beginning today and for the next 2 weeks, I’m the Featured Designer at Digitals! What does that mean? Well, for me, lots of excitement! For you, it means that every item in my Digitals store is on sale for 30% OFF!

Also, every single day, beginning today, I’ll be giving away a few pieces of this bright and fun Cute Stuff with Daisies kit. Click HERE to download your first day’s free pieces.

Make sure to visit every day and collect all of the other pieces to this kit!


If you miss a day, I won’t be able to send them to you, so try to make this a daily stop for you. I don’t want you to miss out! If for some reason, you don’t get the free pieces, this kit will be available in the store as soon as the promotion is over.

While your collecting cute, make sure to pick up my matching kit,
Cute Stuff with Roses. It’s loaded with coordinating pieces and will
complete your springtime collection. Remember, this Roses set as well as
every set of mine is 30% OFF for the next 2 weeks at Digitals!

Cute Stuff with Roses is available at both Digitals and Gotta Pixel.
Not only do you get everything you see here, but Junglemom has created for you a really
special Quick Page, and it’s packaged in the downloads with this kit!
It’s one of my favorite, and I was so excited that she made it for you!

(Some of you already purchased Cute Stuff with Roses as it was in my Grab Bag at Digitals and at Gotta Pixel all last week. Check your stash before you buy if you’ve bought any of my grab bags lately. J If you haven’t, now you know what sort of surprises I put in my grab bags. I’m one of those who would prefer to give you a whole kit all at once.)

I’m doubly excited this week ~ Woohoo! ~ because Digitals is showing off our new look, and the new site design was created by me! Yes! Can you believe it? Check out our new banners and section headers and all sorts of things that are being added every day to the site. I’m busy at night making more pieces, and it’s such fun!

Watch for even more to show up in the next few days. Check it out!

If you’d like to read more about me, there are a couple of pages in the current edition of the Digitals newsletter where I tell what makes me tick. You can download your copy of the Late February 2008 newsletter HERE.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Freebie for you ~ a pretty frame to match Amaryllis!

Angel showed you my Amaryllis set. How about a little freebie to let you see it up close? I really think you'll love the soft feminine look of these papers and elements. Enjoy it as a little early birthday present from me to you.It seems my link was posted on another's blog, so hopefully she won't get this one. You can download the frame HERE, and you know I love those comments! Thank you!

Yep, turning 50-something ~ again ~ tomorrow. We don't talk birthdays around here, but it is fun to go out to eat. It's sort of a tradition now that we go for ribs at Outback on my birthday, so you know where I'll be tomorrow night! Yum!

If you're not yet on my mailing list and you sign up today, I'll send you the coupon my Mailing List people are getting. It's good through Monday only, so let me hear from you!

:) Kathryn

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here By Popular Request!

Well, folks--Kathryn is on a roll, and WE are the beneficiaries. Tee, hee
We're getting more and more of her gorgeous kits!

Today, I'm showing you Christmas Bride. An absolutely beautiful kit that is here now by popular demand!

This gorgeous kit is not just for Christmas. It is wonderful for romance, wedding, heritage, women, and so much more.

Just look at the vibrant colors, and florals. The papers and elements are just awesome!

Annnnd--for the first week only, when you buy Christmas Bride, you get Christmas Bride 2 absolutely FREE!
You can't beat that deal with a stick! ROFL
Here's Christmas Bride 2--see what you can get for FREE!

So, hurry on over to Kathryn's stores today, and take advantage of this fantastic deal!
Now, available at Gotta Pixel, and DigitalScrapbookPages .
Scrap On!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flowers! Glorious Flowers!

Kathryn's latest kit Amaryllis is drop-down gorgeous! The florals, and all of the details just blow me away! I LOVE this kit! Yum! Check it out...........

It's just too beautiful for words-ya know what I'm sayin'? ROFL
This kit is perfect for Romantic, Feminine, or Heritage LOs, and many more!

Annnnd--if you buy this kit the first week, you get these Amaryllis Ribbon Wrap Quickies FREE! Is that cool, or what? What a deal!

So, hurry on over to Kathryn's store at Gotta Pixel, and get this deal while it's hot!

Scrap On!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Too Delicious!

I just love Kathryn’s gorgeous kit Asian Lily. You can use this kit for just about anything—all seasons, romance, heritage—it has it all. Beautiful florals make this kit irresistable!
AND, You get the fabulous multi-photo quickpage by junglemom absolutely FREE with the kit!

Available now at DigitalScrapbookPages, and Gotta Pixel.

Scrap On!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Friends To The End!

Kathryn has a fantabulous Grab Bag for only $2.95.
It’s only at this low price for a few days, so don’t miss out!
Trust me—you won’t be disappointed. Tee, hee.
So, hurry on over to DigitalScrapbookPages, and scoop up this bargain.

Kathryn, also, has the most wonderful kit out! It’s called Forever Friends. It’s the perfect kit for scrapping all of those good times with good friends.
I just love the colors, the patterned papers, and the beautiful elements.
And, that’s not to mention the gorgeous silver word art-12 unique pieces, I might add!

AND, for the first week, only—buy this kit, and receive the forever Friends Ribbon Wrap Quickies FREE! WhooHoo! What a deal! Check it out……..

What a beautiful kit to scrap those special moments.
Available now at DigitalScrapbookPages, and Gotta Pixel.
Scrap On!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Kathryn has the most gorgeous bling that you've ever seen! They are ornate gold, pewter, and silver hinges. They have to be seen to be believed. They are just so scrumptious that I could eat them with a spoon!! Tee, hee. I loovve them!

Just look at these:

Fancy Golden Hinges For Designers

Fancy Silver Hinges For Designers

Fancy Rose Gold Hinges For Designers

Fancy Pewter Hinges For Designers

These are must-haves for your "stash". These beautiful hinges will go with any LO.

So hop on over to Kathryn's store at Gotta Pixel, and pick them up today!

Scrap On!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Want More Camo?

You can get even more Camo pieces by hopping on over to Gotta Pixel, and playing Kathryn's Fun Funky Mystery Number game.
It's sooo much fun, and look what you will win!

If these aren't the cutest darn numerals you've ever seen in your life, then I don't know what are! ROFL I LOVE these!!

So hop on over to the forum, play the game, and win these numerals while you can get them for FREE!

And, it's for TWO weeks only, so hurry!

Scrap On!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Gotta Love Camo! I KNOW you love freebies...

Little ones are dressing in camo all the time now, so here are the perfect kits for scrapping their photos! Camo Kisses for Girls and Camo Kisses for Boys are my newest additions to Kathryn's Kisses Kits, and they're all about fun! I got this idea while watching the kids play at recess one day. So many were dressed in camo, and even the teachers wear pink camo with jeans on Fridays. It's my favorite school shirt!

Camo Boys at Gotta Pixel and Digitals
Camo Girls at Gotta Pixel and Digitals
These didn't fit in the kit, but they'd sure work for Valentine's Day!
Click HERE to download, and remember I love comments! :)
(Link has expired.)

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Feeling Blue!

But--today, that's a good thing! Tee, hee.

I don't know how Kathryn does it! She just keeps coming out with these super gorgeous kits!

Today, I'm showing you Blue Magnolia. This kit is just soooo beautiful. The colors, the flowers, the elements--oh my!

Annnnnd--if you buy this scrumptious kit the first week, you can get the awesome Blue Magnolia Ribbon Wrap Quickies for FREE!

Just look at these elegant kits:

These kits are must-haves for anyone. Whether it's heritage photos, romantic photos, scenery--on and on. So many possibilities!

Look at this beautiful LO Samantha by SandyP, and see what you can do.

Just beautiful! I love it!

So, hurry on over to the stores, and grab up this kit and the free Ribbon Wrap kit while the deal is still on!

Available at Digitals, and Gotta Pixel.

Scrap On!