Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wowsa, Wowsa! Have You Checked Out Kathryn's Stores, lately? :-O

I swear Kathryn can't possibly ever sleep. LOL She has so many can't-live-without, I-must-have kits out that's it's totally incredible!
How much gorgeousness (is that a word?) can one woman create? And, it keeps on coming!
Good thing for all of us, right? Tee, hee. :-)

If you haven't been to her Gotta Pixel store, yet, to take advantage of her sale on two selective kits, you'd better hurry!

Kathryn has two sales going on right now. Her Floral Sets Sale - American Lily and Roses for Elizabeth are 25% off and are an additional 20% off if purchased together. This sale is coming to a close shortly. (Hurry! Hurry!)

Annnnnddd---while you're over there, pick up Kathryn's cute, cute, too-cute-for-words Pumpkin Kisses

Buy Together and Save: $1.90
Pumpkin Kisses by Kathryn

Pumpkin Kisses Fanciful Corners and More by Kathryn
Buy Together For Only $7.60

So--what are you waiting for? :-)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do you like Puzzles? How about Freebies? How about a free puzzle??? :)

I hope you've had a chance to see my new Puzzle Factory! Just so you can try it out, I've uploaded a pretty quick page for you that I made using Puzzle Factory from Gotta Pixel and Blue Magnolia from Scrapbook-Elements. I look forward to seeing your photos in it and hope you'll check out both the Puzzle Factory and Blue Magnolia. Puzzle Factory is available just through Friday for 50% off ~ Personal and Professional Editions!
And HERE's your free gift from me!
Please leave a comment! Please please please. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do You Believe In Magic?

You will after you try Kathryn's "Magic Stacks". They're so much fun, and look so cool! Check out all these sets, and the gorgeous layouts that Kathryn's talented Creative Team made with them. Aren't they beautiful? They're available now at Gotta Pixel.

The lovely background, flowers, and clipped cluster above are from Kathryn's gorgeous "American Lily" page kit--available at Gotta Pixel, Digital Candy, and 3 Scrapateers.
It's on sale at Gotta Pixel for a limited time, so don't miss out!

You never know what cool things Kathryn will dream up next, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Helper in Town!

Hi! I'm Angel--Kathryn's new helper. I guess that you can call me Kathryn's "Blog Angel". Tee, hee :)

Kathryn is so busy creating new, and gorgeous kits that I will be appearing now, and then, to let all of you devoted Kathryn fans know what is going on!

One of those things is a weekly event. Kathryn's Fun Funky Mystery Number puzzle over at Gotta Pixel!
If you want to have fun--go here, and try this puzzle!

You can win Kathryn's gorgeous September numerals.

But--stick around, and play each week just for fun!
(Personally, I love keeping my mind sharp. LOL ) ;-)

This month’s numerals match Kathryn's Licorice Kisses Page Set which is for sale in her GP store. If you don't already have this cute page set, make sure to check it out! Kit is here!

Kathryn also has some awesome sales going on! Check these out:

~ Americal Lily and Roses for Elizabeth~Kathryn Estry (Mhire)'s

Americal Lily and Roses for Elizabeth are 25% off and are an additional 20% off if purchased together. This will last until Kathryn gets her new floral kit in the store.

~ Pumpkin Kisses 25% Off ~

Kathryn Estry's Pumpkin Kisses kit is 25% off to celebrate that it was honored as "Kit of the Day". Sale ends September 18. That's today, folks!

See you soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Woohoo! Look's what was picked for Kit of the Day!

Wow! This was such a shock to me and what a cool surprise. Melissa G picked MY new little Halloween kit, Pumpkin Kisses, for her Pick of the Day! I never imagined I'd have a kit picked by her! Check out her post for Sept. 14! :)

I had so much fun making this one that I couldn't stop with this kit.
Here are my Pumpkin Kisses Fanciful Corners & More!
To celebrate the Pick of the Day, I put my kit on sale and also hooked it together with it's matching Fanciful Corners & More so you could get a really good deal on them both.

I also made a freebie for the Subscribers at Gotta Pixel.
Click HERE to subscribe to get this freebie and tons more!
Here are a set of cute tags just for you!
Click HERE to download these tags and leave a comment if you like my designs.
Thank you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fanciful Corners & More! and a FREEBIE of course lol

Hi! It's me! I'm back! School's started, and I know you thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth, but yikes! It's been so busy around here!

I had to squeeze in time though to have fun at my computer, so here I am introducing my new Element Sets called Fanciful Corners & More! I love how these turned out and can't wait to see them with your photos!

They're sets of fun corners and lots of great elements that match some of my favorite page kits. They match Whiskers, Watermelon Kisses, and Bodacious Borders and Bears, all for sale in my Gotta Pixel store. If you have the page sets, you'll definitely want to get these fun extras. Click on the images to go to the element sets in the store. :)

Now that's just the beginning. You'll be seeing more Fanciful Corners & More really soon. In the meantime, here's a shadowbox that matches another one of my kits ~ this time one from SBE, Party.

Click HERE to download this fun FREEBIE. Please leave a comment if you like my designs. Tell me which of the Fanciful Corner sets is your favorite.

:) Kathryn