Wednesday, December 26, 2018

TWAC Sales!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!  We attended a beautiful service on Christmas Eve, and we'll have our family Christmas party in a few days when the kids are all in town.  Yesterday Robert and I had a quiet but very nice day. It wasn't totally quiet actually.  We adopted two tiny kittens almost a month ago, and they decided to play Attack Cat and In House Derby off and on all day.  So fun!

Now, what's happening at Pickleberrypop?  (Click the images to find my sales.)
Pickleberrypop will have a brand new, updated look for 2019!  Our site will be offline December 31 to make the switch.  So, do your shopping quickly, and then watch for our newsletter on January 1 when we come back online!


Friday, December 21, 2018

Last Change Pickle Barrel![0]=202
Don't miss your chance to get my newest collection, The Sweet Life, at the lowest prices![0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Sweet Life and Baby Flakes Christmas[0]=202
It's once again Pickle Barrel time at Pickleberrypop!  This is when we release lots of colorful kits that all coordinate.  This month my designs are called The Sweet Life, and they're just the thing for scrapping YOUR sweet life![0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202

The 6-Pack and the 10-Pack are the best deals, but if you'd like to pick and choose your favorite packs, you can get each for only $1.50![0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202

I'm so proud of my Creative Team!  Now, that's talent![0]=202

Besides my Pickle Barrel collection, I also have Baby Flakes Christmas at Pickleberrypop and at My Memories!
Baby Flakes Christmas features 2 bundled-up kids as well as Santa and his sleigh.
The colors are soft and bright, and the collection will make the cutest layouts!

Baby Flakes Christmas[0]=202