Saturday, June 17, 2017

CU Saturday

It's Saturday, and I hope you have something fun in store for the weekend.  Yesterday was our 10th anniversary, and since Robert's not home on Fridays, we're spending the day out and about together today.  

I've just turned on 3 new Commercial Use products so that I can get my newsletter out to you before we leave.

First of all, let me show you what I put in on Tuesday of this past week.  You can find them all HERE.

I've reworked my commercial use balloons making them better than before with more realistic strings.  Since you can see through balloons, if you add a shadow, it often makes the balloon look dingy.  As a bonus, I've included a tutorial I wrote for shadowing a translucent element in PSE.  The same method should work for PS users as well.

If you're making a kit about family life or just one with flowers, you might want to include a fence in your collection.  You'll find lots of pieces here in both .png and .psd format for you to personalize for your kits.  You'll also get the hardware for your gates in brass.

An ampersand is a logogram (a symbol tht takes the place of a word) that replaces the word "and."  Its use can be traced right back to the first century AD when it was originally a ligatore of the letters E and T(et is Latin for and).  Over the following centries the form of the ampersandd developed and the E and T became less visible.
During the long history, the name 'ampersand' didn't come into use until the nineteenth centry.  At the time, the ampersnd was treated as the final character of the alphabet when recited in English-speaking schools.  To distinguish it from the preceding alphabet, school children would recite "and, per se, and [&]' ('per se' meaning 'by itself').  When said quickly, 'and per se and' sounds like "apersand,' and the name stuck.

There are so many themes where an ampersand might work well in your designs.  Included here are 9 large ampersands of a variety of styles for your kits.

Now, on to my newest CU products that just showed up today.  Who doesn't love gems and jewelry and bling in their page kits?  I have 3 brand new sets of beautiful gems and jewelry for you, and they're on Sale!

Watch my CU Store for new products and keep an eye out for my CU newsletter each weekend!

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