Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Collection on Sale & a Sneak Peek Contest

NEW and On Sale!

For the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of honoring my Creative Team members with their very own collections.  This one is for the talented Kabra!  When I first talked to Kabra about this kit, she quickly chose the colors, but wasn't sure of a theme.  As it came together, it reminded her of her mother who was a lady of grace.  A city girl who moved to the country to have a life with Kabra's father, she worked alongside her husband never complaining and even taking on a great deal of the work load herself.  The beauty of this kit reminds Kabra of the beauty in her mother, so this collection, Kabra Country, is a tribute to them both!  Each set is on sale through November 17, and you can save 50% with the Discount Bundle!

Kabra Country

For your inspiration from my talented CT ladies ~

Sneak Peek Contest

Look what's coming on Saturday!  My Gotta Grab It collection is ready and waiting for one person to win it! Just post your comment in THIS THREAD in the Gotta Pixel forum by Friday evening at 10pm ET. One person will win all of the GGI packs! Good luck!

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