Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 2 ~ $1 Flash Sale and 2016 Calendars!

Gotta Pixel Day 2 Flash Sale!

All of these products are on sale for only $1 each Saturday, November 7.  Watch for a different 20 to be on sale on Sunday! Click HERE to find all of my $1 products.


All of my other products are 50% off ~ 

My 12"x12" "Window Calendars" include everything you'll need for the 12 months of 2016. For each month, simply place birthday and anniversary photos between the two layers so that they show through the windows. Add extra photos at the bottom. Trim photos if necessary. Flatten and print for friends and family, and no one will forget the special days in 2016.  

Two versions are available, 2016 Window Calendar and 2016 Christian Window Calendar which includes Bible verses.  The first was created using 12 different Kathryn Estry collections, and the Christian calendar was made with Child of God.

Both of these calendars are 50% off through November 15.  Make sure to get them now so you'll have time to add your pictures and create wonderful Christmas presents for your family and friends.

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