Wednesday, January 17, 2018

$1 Sets - Lovestruck![0]=202
Our Pickle Barrel colors this month led me to design a cute, pretty, and Valentiney collection filled with love stuff!  It features love birds, flowers, hearts, and Cupid, and whenever Cupid comes around, you know you'll be[0]=202[0]=202
The Pickle Barrel 6-Pack is your best deal!  One click buys all SIX of my $1 packs, and you get the 7th pack FREE!  My 6-Pack is a $29 value (including the free pack), and you'll get it all for only $6, but you need to shop quickly!  The 6-Pack is only available for 4 days - until midnight ET Friday, January 19, 2018![0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202[0]=202

This newsletter was long, and I really appreciate you letting me show you so much.  Since you're read to the bottom, you can download these 6 Lovestruck Journal Cards by clicking the image below.


Betty Burgie said...

beautiful thx sharing

Priscilla said...

Thanks so much for the nice cards!