Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win a FREE Kit!

This is what I can tell you about my this kit:
  • It features two cute little lions.
  • You'll find everything you see here in my Gotta Pixel store on Saturday, February 12, and at Digitals the following Wednesday.
  • It doesn't yet have a name ~ Help!
  • You might win the full kit!
For a chance to get this adorable kit for FREE, post in THIS THREAD at Gotta Pixel by 4:00 pm Friday (Feb. 11), and I'll choose one member at random who has posted about this kit to win it as soon as it's in the store.

Also, if you are the first to suggest a name that I use for this little lion kit, you'll also win the kit!
Please post only once to be fair, but you can suggest as many names as you can think of in your post.  I'm looking for something really cute that hasn't been used before.  :)

One more thing...  I've been known to send little "thank you's" to everyone who posts a comment, and I have something special in mind this time.  :)


ROLAINE said...

I can't wait to see the full kit! It does look super cute! I can already tell the lion is going to be to adorable to pass up on! :o)

prowsjourney said...

Lions how adorable. Can't wait to use them, they look so cute! One more cute kit to brag to others about.