Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Announcing my New Store and a sale you won't believe!

You can now find my Personal Use kits in a new store ~ Personal-Use.com.  It's a sister site to Commercial-Use.com where I sell my CU things for designers.  I'm just beginning to load my personal use kits into the new store, but keep an eye out for more in the next few weeks!  I plan to have it nice and full by the end of Dec., and I'm keeping everything on sale 30% off 'til I get 30 products in my store!  So, check it out!  

My first 30 products will be on sale!
You can also find my designs at
Digitals, Gotta Pixel,
Commercial-Use.com, and DigiScrap Warehouse

 I choose one of my all-time favorite products to be the first one in my new store, a book with two names ~ Look Who's in the Zoo! and The ABC's of Me.  I had so much fun scanning old photos and making this book for my own two kids for last Christmas!

This book has 20 square pages so is perfect for printing with the popular printing companies in either 12"x12" format or 8"x8".  All the little animals are drawn my me and are exclusive to my kits.  Make one for every grandchild or a book for your elementary classroom!  Think of all the children you know who would love to see themselves in a book!

Brandi opening her book with photos of her and her brother when they were little...
You still have time to make extra special presents for this Christmas!

(The words shown in the letters are not in the book.  I got this idea from jungle-mom who used this book to make a sweet gift for her daughter.  Thanks, Julie!)


elenasworld said...

Such exciting news!
And the album is too sweet!

Anonymous said...

You are my favorite designer by far! I just bought this one and can't wait to create books for my grandchildren for Christmas! Do you have one, or considered making one that is more girly such as princess themed? The one I bought is perfect for the boys. Thanks, Bonnie

K2 Designs said...

tHIS BOOK IS adorable! Would make aperfect gift for the grandkiddos! Thank you for all your cute kits Kathryn. I SO enjoy working with them. You ROCK!