Thursday, July 20, 2017

Last Chance for $1 Packs at PBP!

Our Pickle Barrel ends at midnight ET Friday night, so don't miss out!

My 6-Pack, Erika's Beach Party includes the 6 packs pictured below for only $6 as well as a FREE 7th pack, 24 Semi-Solid Papers!

Click HERE for your best deal!

If you haven't yet snagged this free matching gift, here's the link again:

Download HERE.

I have 3 new commercial use sets of metals in my store this week, too!  I forgot to mention them in my newsletter on Tuesday.  Oops!  I'll make sure they stay on sale through the weekend.  :)

We just got home from choir practice in time for me to get this newsletter out tonight.  What a glorious time we had with a fabulous group of people!

I wish for each of you to be as blessed as I am!


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