Monday, April 10, 2017

Tuesday Treats

Sparky and Friends

Sparky & Friends features Sparky, a lightning bug, Lily, a ladybug, Buttons, a butterfly, Dragie, a dragonfly, Pompom, a caterpillar, and a little ant named Itchy. For Tuesday, April 11, the full page kit is $2 and the matching extra packs are $1 each! On that day, you'll also find the matching Photo Book Templates and the Discount Bundle for 50% off!

This is such a cute kit that I wanted to show you some of the layouts my Creative Team ladies have made with it.

I've added two of my favorite collections to Pickleberrypop, and each has a FREE pack included with the bundle.  The individual packs are 30% off, and the Free With Purchase Bundles are on sale for 50% off!

 In a Cuckoo House
Pickleberrypop * My Memories

Does your home life sometimes fall in the cuckoo category?  Scrap all those crazy fun family photos with In a Cuckoo House!  It's a rare treat to get to laugh at yourself, and your family will love the pages you make with this collection!
Your best deal:  Save 50% with the Bundle and get the Sparkle Stamps FREE!

Inspiration from my talented friends:

 At the Spa
Pickleberrypop * My Memories

At the Spa is all about relaxing and pampering yourself. Whether you go to a spa, get your nails done, or just enjoy your home retreat, this is a great collection for scrapping those relaxing girl times. 
Your best deal:  Save 50% with the Bundle and get the Sparkle Stamps FREE!

Enjoy these pages with At the Spa!

 At the Spa Extras 2 is FREE in my store at My Memories through April 16! (It isn't showing just yet, but admin assures me that it should be available any minute.  Please check back in a little while.Also, you can save 50% with the Bundle and get the Frame Pack FREE!

 At the Spa Gift
My Memories

I've just added 3 Commercial Use products to my CU store at Pickleberrypop.  They're all on sale for a few days.  See them all in my CU store HERE.

Want to earn a full collection of your choice from me?  Do you already use Dropbox?  If not, keep reading!

I use Dropbox every day to send photos and other files to my friends and family, and I use it to get my free gifts to you!  It's as easy as sliding files from one folder on my desktop to another.  My problem is that I don't yet have enough space, and I can earn the space I need by inviting others to use Dropbox and having them follow some simple steps.  SO... if you'd like this free service for yourself AND a complete collection of mine of your choice, just complete the steps listed below.  It's important that you use the sign up link below and you must follow all of the steps in order for me to get the extra space and for you to be all set up.  Thank you so much!
  • Sign up - click HERE
  • Install the Dropbox desktop app - click HERE
  • Sign in from the desktop app
  • Verify your email address - HERE's how
  • You're done! 
It's that simple!  I invited you!  Once you're all set up, you can invite other people!  Both you and the person you invite can get extra space in each of your free accounts!  
Also, once you finish the steps above, I'll get a notice in my Dropbox with your Email address, and I'll contact you to see which of my full collections you'd like.  I think you'll love Dropbox as much as I do, and I'm happy to thank you with a free collection for helping me!


Last week I posted about our newsletter subscriber collab created by the designers at Pickleberrypop.  Unfortunately, the link to my part of the kit was having issues and some of you weren't able to download my gift.

 Click HERE to see everyone's gift and if you don't have mine yet, please try again to download HERE or HERE.  Hopefully, one of these two links will work for you!  Make sure to sign up for everyone's newsletters asap as these wonderful mini kits that make up our "Kind" collab will only be free through April 15.
My Gift:

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