Friday, August 26, 2016

Gotta Pixel Hop and New Releases!

Friends, I've had a lot of new people sign up for my newsletter this week, so if you see some repeats in this one, bear with me.  I don't want them to miss out on what I've recently posted.

Big Back to School Sale going on!

I'm having sales in all of my stores right now!  All of my individual packs are 40% off, and my 200+ bundles will each save you 50%!  Take a few minutes and see what you might find.

New and on Sale - Sweet Kits for Girls and Boys:

Girly Pink is exactly that, girly and pink, and Little Boy Blue is perfect for the little boys in your life.  Both kits are new and on sale through August 31, and the bundles are your best deal at 50% off!

Girly Pink

Little Boy Blue
Gotta Pixel * My Memories

20-page Photo Book Templates New at My Memories:

I've made 2 new PB templates with my Beach House Collection and each is available in two sizes, 12x12 and 11x8.5.  The first one I'm just calling Beach House is on the pretty side and celebrates the relaxing adult pleasures of time on the beach.  Beach House Fun is more playful and will make exciting books for summer kid fun.  So pull out those summer photos, and have fun with these two books!  You can use them separately or get them both and create a 40-page photo book just by popping in your photos!

Through September 4, you can get the 2 12"x12" templates and the 11"x8.5" templates for only $5 each. You'll not only get the 20 pages, but you'll also receive all of the papers and elements I used to create them.

Coupon: My Photo Books are available only at My Memories and require the My Memories Software to open.  If you don't have this program yet, this is a great time to get it!  It's easy to use and is great for the digital scrapbook beginner.  Take $10 off My Memories Suite 7 with coupon code STMMMS81177.  You'll also get 30% off of a photo book or photo gift order and 1 free month of Design Club!  As an extra bonus for using my coupon, you can choose any Photo Book Template created by me at My Memories for free!  Just Email me with your choice of PB Template once you've purchased the MMS7 using my coupon.

Coupon Code - STMMMS81177

Gotta Pixel Hop - Our Life Together:
(If you like free gifts, read on.  I'll show you where you can get 4 more gifts from me at the bottom of this post.)

The designers at Gotta Pixel have worked together on a giant collab and are sending out our sections through our newsletters.  This hop will be active August 27 through September 5.  Just click the image below to download my part of Our Life Together.

You may have come here from Connie's newsletter.  After getting my mini kit, you'll want to get Helly's part

Sending out full design collections to a 10 special people!
Want to earn a full collection of your choice from me?  Do you already use Dropbox?  If not, keep reading!  A while back I posted this offer, but I'm needing a bit more help, so I'm offering free collections again.  You can even choose one of my largest bundles for free!

I need your help!  I've looked at a lot of online file sharing sites and have chosen Dropbox as the best way to get my freebies to you.  I love it!  It's secure, easy-to-use, and FREE!  I use it every day to send photos and other files to my friends and my kids and grandkids, and I even use it to send files upstairs to my husband's computer!  It's as easy as sliding files from one folder on my desktop to another.  My problem is that I don't yet have enough space, and I can earn the space I need by inviting others to use Dropbox and having them follow some simple steps.  SO... if you'd like this free service for yourself AND a complete collection of mine of your choice, just be one of the first 10 people to complete the steps listed below.  It's important that you use the sign up link below and you must follow all of the steps in order for me to get the extra space.  Thank you so much!
  • Sign up - click HERE
  • Install the Dropbox desktop app - click HERE
  • Sign in from the desktop app
  • Verify your email address - HERE's how
  • You're done! 
It's that simple!  I invited you!  Once you're all set up, you can invite other people!  Both you and the person you invite can get extra space in each of your free accounts!  

Also, once you finish the steps above, I'll get a notice in my Dropbox with your Email address, and I'll contact you to see which of my full collections you'd like.  I think you'll love Dropbox as much as I do, and I'm happy to thank you for helping me!  Also, I'll post here on my blog when 20 people have used my sign up link.  I'll have the maximum space at that time that you can have with the free account.  So, don't delay if you think you're interested.

Alrighty, I asked you to read to the bottom of this post, and you did.  If you go to THIS post, you'll find my MM Blog Train Gift for August along with 3 Bonus Gifts!  These are all free through August 31 so don't wait too long to visit.

Oh, goodness, one more.  Did you see this already?

FREE at My Memories:

Everything in my Ice Cream Shoppe Collection is sweet and perfect for the August heat! Free through August 28 is an adorable Judith Blanchard cluster and an additional paper from me. See all of my Ice Cream Shoppe sets, and save 50% with the Discount Bundle!


makeyesup said...

Pretty kit, Kathryn, thanks. Already have a dropbox account, it does sound like a good deal though for you and also for those that don't have one.

Mary Tincher said...

I also have dropbox and love it. Thank you for the lovely kit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

jirsev said...

I also have dropbox ! Thank you for your gifts.

Crystalnva said...

Beautiful THANK YOU :)