Friday, September 11, 2015

Robin's Kitchen ~ $1 Sets You'll Love!

Do you love to bake?  So does my new CT member, Robin, and Robin’s Kitchen is in honor of her!  Each of the 8 Gotta Grab It sets is only $1, and the 3 extra packs are only $1.25.  You can get the GGI bundle for $8 in fewer zip files, and make sure to pick up the extras separately!  These sets are available only at Gotta Pixel and the GGI prices are in effect through September 18.

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GGI Packs for $1 each:
Elements 1 - 35 elements

Elements 2 - 35 elements

Papers - 21 papers




Recipe Cards

Torn Papers
Extra $1.25 packs:
Sparkle Stamps

Stacked Papers in Layers

Woven Strips
Now let me show you some of the papers made by my Creative Team ladies, Kabra and Kathy.


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