Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spotlight Designer Sale and FREE Daily Downloads!

Look who's in the Spotlight!

I'm the Featured Designer at Gotta Pixel for the next 10 days!  How fun!  All digital scrapbooking designs by Kathryn Estry (except collabs with other designers) will be on SALE 40% off September 8 - 17!  Make sure to check out my bundles because many are 45% off, and pick up the FREE daily download in my Gotta Pixel store each day during the sale!  Please do not write asking for the pieces you've missed as we're not allowed to give these out after the day they're available for free. You can get the daily download kit (and ALL of the download kits and other downloads from the beginning of our site by becoming a Pixel Club member. I'm telling you all of this here because (1) I don't want you to miss out on the free downloads, and (2) the download kit matches Studio Kathryn ~ all of September's math game prizes! Oh, (3) 40% off is a pretty good deal for my oh, so awesome digital designs!  :)

If you like this mini kit, you're going to LOVE the full size kit!  Did you know you can get it for free, too?  It's not quite finished, but I'm already giving away pieces of the full kit in my 3 math games.  Each game offers a little different twist on math, but they're all geared toward the joy of numbers.

So, each Saturday the games change, and you have all the way through the next Saturday to send in your answers.  Each week with each game you can earn pieces of the full Studio-Kathryn.  Here are the prizes for this week ~ click on each one to play!  (You will have to register in each forum, but just once for each and then you can play week after week!)  Please read the rules for each game and be careful not to post your answer in the thread.  We don't want others to see your answer.  :)
Fun, Funky Mystery Number (at Gotta Pixel)
Kathryn's Dizzy Digits (at Digitals)
Kathryn's Brain Games (at Scrapbook-Bytes)
Now, because this is a very special kit for me, I really do want you to have all of it.  If you missed playing the first week of September, I'm going to give you another chance to get the 3 prizes from last week!  I've been running math games now for let's see ~ gosh, can't remember ~ LOTS of years, and all those who play can tell you that I rarely let members get the prizes for past weeks.  IF you missed the first week, sneak over to last week's games and play them NOW!  My sweet friend, Terry (withnuts) moderates these games for me, and I'll let her know to accept last week's answers from you for another couple of days (through the 10th, okay?) since you're so sweet to read this far.  Now you HAVE to play!  Here are last week's prizes and game links ~ again, just click on the prize to take you to the games, and make sure to register in the forums so you can play.


So why is this kit so special? It's my office in a kit!  And my office is me all over!

I decorated my home office (aka Studio Kathryn) last year when we moved here, and I LOVE working in my space.  It's SO me!  The colors are rich and pretty, it's girly but elegant, too, so I guess it has a big girl girly look.  I thought a lot about what I wanted it to look like and what things I wanted around me as I worked. 

Come into my studio with me.  I'll show you!

I spend many, MANY hours right here:

Is the desk always this cleaned off?  Nope.  I moved my diet Dr. Pepper, my phone, my pen and notebook, and a stack of bills to take this picture.  The keyboard hides in the top drawer, too.  Neat, huh?

The beautiful carved wood vase is one of Robert's creations.  He's SO talented!  You can see some others of his in my kit, Santos Mahogany (named after one of the hardwoods he used). 

The rhinos around the room are for Rylander, my last school home.  We were the rockin' rhinos.  I need a rhino kit!

Right in front of me where I can see them all the time is a wall full of photos of family, my precious parents to my precious grandchildren and of course my super precious husband.  It also has several things from my years of teaching and scouting, a little reminder of my time in Holland, and a reminder of my Lord and Savior.  This is my reminder wall.  Never forget how much you've been blessed in this life!

I received this special plaque at my retirement party last year from a family of 3 children who were all my students.  Teachers are blessed way more than most people realize, and I was so lucky to get to work with these kids!

Just to my left are the curtains that gave me the colors of my Studio Kathryn kit.  They're so NOT Robert!  When I found the fabric (actually when I made the baby things for Livi's room with this same fabric), he said, "SURE, I like it ~ for YOUR room!"  Ha!  Should have used them in the living room, right?

My work table isn't always this cleaned off, but I'm a neat freak, and I do try to put things away so I can think.  Notice the curtains under the table, a tad different fabric from the same collection.  You can hide a LOT of sewing and craft stuff under a table like this.  :)  Sam's and tension rods - gotta love it!

Oh, my desk and pretty bookcases are from Sam's, too.  We moved here with my pressboard (cardboard?) bookcases and desk that I had used since the kids were little (They're in their 30s.), and had it all set up in my office.  My sweet Robert saw the desk and then the bookshelves at Sam's and decided it was time for me to step up in the world.  Total surprise! No complaints here!

And you have to have books ~ Lots of books ~ scrapping books, puzzle books, books to read to the kiddos, and and and...
(My Bible study books and favorite novels ended up in another room.  Books are sort of like T-shirts.  Does anyone know how many they have?)
(The baby at the top is me ~ ha!)

You know me and my swirlies.  I found this garden trellis at Hobby Lobby one day and decided I wanted a swirlie above my door.  A bit of paint, and lots of Robert's elbow grease to take off the yucky orange paint I had used (in all those cracks and crevices!), and then good old spray paint.  

Thanks for visiting!

Oh, dummy me ~ I forgot to tell you something.  

ALL of my designs (except for collabs with other designers and my Group Therapy products in the DigiScrap Addicts store) are on sale for 40% off Sept. 8 - 17!  I hope you have as much fun scrapping with my designs as I have making them for you!    

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C.J. said...

Kathryn, thanks for this peek into your private life! I love the bright, cheery colors in your drapes (and your Studio kit), and I like knowing where the name for the Santos Mahogany kit came from. Thanks for sharing.