Saturday, October 16, 2010

6 Paperdolls and 6 Bundles ~ All on Sale!

My Paperdoll Cuties have a new friend! Her name is Samantha (thanks to my husband for thinking of a good name for her), she's dressed in fall colors, and you can tell by her full pumpkin basket that she's been Trick-or-Treating!

Lizzy, Kim-Li, Caroline, Shauna, Noelle, and now Samantha are so fun to print and play with like our old paperdolls AND they can be dressed digitally to add to scrapbook pages as well! Since the clothes (except for a tiny few exceptions) are designed to fit all of the dolls and each doll comes with at least 3 complete outfits and several accessories, you can mix and match dozens of outfits for the dolls!

Samantha and ALL of the other paperdolls are on sale for the next few days!

Paperdolls ~ ON SALE at Digitals and at Gotta Pixel

Also, each doll's clothes are designed to match one of my scrap kits. Samantha's clothes were made from the papers in Autumn Angels.

Autumn Angels ~ at Digitals and Gotta Pixel

 Available with each doll is a bundle at a even higher discount.

Paperdolls ~ ON SALE at Digitals and at Gotta Pixel

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