Sunday, May 3, 2009

H*U*G*E Pack of CU Products ~ 23 Designers!

I joined 22 other Divine designers to create this "ginormous" mega pack of CU goodies! There are 39 products worth over $200!

It's on sale for only $12 up through the 7th, so hurry!

Here are the curly ribbons I made for this set:


BlueRose said...

Wow that is some a really great kit. thanks

Tabatha said...

Great sale and savings going on. Thanks for the bingo game.

GrandmaBev said...

Very pretty ribbons

MsGhd said...

You are the best, love your products and the Bingo games is wonderful. Thanks so much for doing it.

norah said...

Beautiful ribbons Kathryn. Second time trying to do a comment. I hope you get them both.

Craftingdiva said...

Great set, thank you for the ribbons Kathryn, should last me a lifetime.
A Wish for Brandi,
Have a super happy birthday, 30 isn't a milestone to be feared, its a jump off point to the rest of your life. be bold be bright above all be yourself.
loads of love to you and yours. My regards Kathryn for your art. XsueX