Thursday, December 11, 2008

Celebrating the Season in a Big Way!!!

You love sales, so I'll start there!

I'm having a huge Christmas sale in my stores! You'll find my holiday goodies from 25-50% off (most are 50% off!), so now's the time for some jolly Christmas shopping! Treat yourself at Digitals or Gotta Pixel.
Remember Christmas Crackers, those fun little wrapped tubes you get at parties and get to crack open? Well, Digitals has some great crackers for you. Several designers have prepared crackers with treats inside, so make sure to look through the site to see what you might find.

See THIS THREAD on Dec. 12 ~ just a few hours from now :) for the clue to my where my cracker's hidden in my store. Here's what you'll be looking for somewhere in HERE.


Sharon Kay said...

4shared wouldn't let me leave a wanted to thank you for the present & coupon! ...and the funny funny joke...can't wait until the boys get up so I can share that with them!

Sharon Kay said...

Oh...did you get my e-mail about the calendar idea???