Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations, Graduates!

We all have graduation photos ~ some older than others :), so let's pull out those photos and strut your stuff! I need to find mine from 1970 and '73 and '75. Gosh! That was a long time ago, but the pics would make some fun pages. My high school's colors were green and white, college was red and white, and when I got my Master's, we all wore black. Then my kids graduated from a blue high school and an orange university. Add my dh's colors in the mix, and we just about need every color in this set. lol What were your colors?

New in my stores are my For the Graduate sets ~ a full collection with 10 colors of elements, and individual sets just in case you only need one color. Here's a look at the full collection and one of the color sets. Check out all the other at Gotta Pixel and at Digitals.

Whenever you graduated, this spring or back in 1970 with me, Congratulations!!!

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