Friday, September 14, 2018

My Memories Bundle Sale and Studio Kathryn New Releases!

It's time for another super deal from me! For just a few days, I'll have ALL of my Bundles on SALE at My Memories for 60% off!  You don't want to miss this opportunity to get your favorite collections at this price!
Most of you know that besides designing digital scrapbook kits, I enjoy playing with paper.  This obsession developed into a love for making handmade cards.  I'm now selling my cards on Etsy, and I've expanded to include Mini Albums.  I've also recently added a category called DIY Cards (explained a bit later) and have one set of these to show you.

First a note to my digital scrapbooking people.  Please know that my Etsy site will be advertised on my blog and in my newsletters no more often than once or twice a month.  The great majority of my blog/newsletter notices will continue to focus on my digital scrapbooking products.  Please do not unsubscribe when you see a notice about Studio Kathryn at Etsy.  Thank you!
So, today, there are 4 new products in my Etsy store and I've put each of them on sale for a few days!

My Etsy products are made with attention to detail, and the cards include envelopes that have lined flaps or are decorated in some way.  They're typically much larger than the standard 4.25" x 5.5" handmade cards most create.  This new lady's tall tri-fold birthday card is a full 8.5" tall, opens to 10.5" wide, stands on it's own, is decorated front and back, includes an embossed page and a handstamped paper doily, AND your recipient will get a matching laminated bookmark with a pretty sheer ribbon. 

(2 available)

Two versions of my new Mini Album design are now available as well. Each is nice and large, opens to create a display that's 24" long, and has room for 24 of your photos! Once card is for ladies, and the other is for anyone who wants to show of the baby (or babies) in her life.  Both of these Mini Albums would make beautiful gifts, but you may want to keep them yourself once you've seen them for real! 
(1 available)

(4 available)

I'm very excited to show you my first DIY Card Kit!  It's for Halloween, and that's coming up pretty soon!  I have one card made, and all the pieces measured, cut out, stamped, scored, and even folded to create 3 more!  I decided to make DIY card kits after talking with a friend that I sing with in our church choir.  She wants to create handmade cards herself but doesn't have the tools or supplies or the know-how to do so.  She also doesn't have the time to shop for all of the necessary parts.  I've done a good bit of the work for you.  All you need to do is follow my sample and finish the other 3 cards, and you'll have 4 cards you'll be proud to use!
(3 available)

So far, I only have this Halloween design, but keep an eye on my Etsy site to see what other DIY kits I'll be adding.  :)

Also, reviews on Etsy mean a lot to those of us with Etsy stores, so please take a minute to write a review for any products of mine that you pick up.  Thank you, and thank you for looking!

Again, if you're watching for my digital supplies, my next blog post / newsletter will go out tomorrow night.

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