Friday, January 23, 2015

Designer of the Year!!!

I'm finally sitting down to tell you about an Email I received a few days ago from Carley, a sweet young lady who works in the MyMemories office.  I was named Designer of the Year for their company!  Talk about crazy over-the-top excited!  Being the perfectionist I am, I work at my designs really hard, and it's such fun to be awarded this honor!  The first people I told (after yelling really loud so that Robert could here me from the other end of the house - ha!) was my fabulous Creative Team!  Click HERE to see my team.  I owe so much to all of these ladies.  They're like family to me, and they're right behind everything that I do!

So, to celebrate I've put all of my 12x12, 8.5x11, and 11x8.5 PhotoBooks on sale for 50% off.  I counted and stopped at 100, so there are well over that amount in my store now.  You'll find one for just about any look you're after.  They all work with the MyMemories Program, and if you'd like to get the newest version of the MyMemories program for yourself at a discount, click HERE and use this code when you check out:  STMMMS81177

Antique Lace is not only available as PhotoBooks, but you can get the full page kit that I used to make these books and also lots of extra packs to use to scrap your own pages with any photo scrapbooking program.  If you like a great variety of papers and extra pieces that all match, make sure to see my bundles for just about every collection in my store.  You'll always save big with the bundles!
Antique Lace at MyMemories

Back soon with more news!  Have a wonderful weekend! 


BlueCat said...

The first kit II purchased (so many years ago!) was one of your beautiful kits (it! was Roses For Elizabeth)

Kathryn said...

Thank you so much, BlueCat!

Tammy Morgan said...

This is outstanding!! Your designs are amazing, so this honor is well deserved. Congratulations!!