Thursday, June 20, 2013

$10 Coupon and 50% off Bundles!

Here's an exciting offer for you!  MyMemories Software is one of the easiest scrapbook software available, and you can get the V4 Suite now for $10 off.  If you use the coupon code STMMMS81177, you'll immediately save $10 off the purchase of the program.  Plus you'll get to spend another $10 in the MyMemories store!  

Purchase the Suite HERE.  See my digital scrapbook designs HERE.
Note:  You won't find all of my designs at MyMemories just yet, but I'm loading more each day.  If there's a particular product of mine that you need in the MyMemories format, please let me know (, and I'll push it to the top of my upload list.

... and another note:  You probably have noticed that I'm working hard at repackaging my designs for Scrapbook-bytes as well, and my store there is taking off!  Just as before, if there's a particular product of mine that you'd like to see at SBB, please let me know (, and I'll get it loaded as fast as possible.

50% off Bundles!

As I see more and more of you interested in my full collections, I've been bundling up my designs and putting them in my stores for 50% off for a few days and then 40% after that.  Some of the bundle prices are not much more than the regular price of the page kit alone, and with bundles, you'll have much more to work with.  So if you do a lot of scrapping and like your pages to match, they're definitely the way to go!

Some of these are now at MyMemories, too!

Some of my bundles that are 50% off today...  (Use the links above.)

(more 4th of July bundles in the next few days)

There are only a couple of days left to get my Father's Day bundles at 50% off.

Remember, bundles will give you a huge variety of matching pieces for your pages, AND my bundles are 40% off and more!

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