Sunday, February 5, 2012

Create Your Own Kit!

Digitals has a new event called Create Your Own Kit, and for this first round, designers have gone overboard with A Study in Yellow & Gray!   I know you'll be amazed.  Of course, I'd love it if you'd consider my sets when you're creating your own kit.  They're each only $1.50 and can all be found HERE.  Mix and match your favorite sets to create a collection you'll love!  Read on...

If these Ali's Attic sets look familiar, you'll be pleasantly surprised that they coordinate beautifully with my original Ali Collection

Now you can do some SERIOUS mixing and matching!  I'd love to know which sets are your favorites, so leave a note on my blog or email me ~

Have a wonderful week! 

1 comment:

Tink said...

Awesome! I needed a bib for drooling over these great items! ;-) I couldn't help myself and really stocked up. I mixed your Ali kit with the gorgeous papers in grey and yellow from Allesandra, the pets elements pack 1 and 2 from Elka Romero, the Magnolia elements and paper from Aria and Study in grey and yellow elements from doinDigital.
A great variety that will suit many subjects from serious and sensitive to fun and pet pages( I have no kids so kids on 4 feet are often subject ;-) But most of all I will use it for my journaling pages, the colors make me happy! Thanks for such a great offer!