Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curly Ribbons ~ Commercial Use ~ NEW and on SALE!

I've added two more sets of CU Curly Ribbons to my stores, and all 3 sets are now on sale! No credit is required. :)


Mike and Tycie said...

Hey Kathryn!
I have tried emailing you at since last July and have not heard anything from you so I thought I would try this route and see if maybe my emails were just not coming through!
I have been wanting to ask you permission to use your kits to design, FREE online blogger backgrounds at All Layouts are saved in a flattened .jpg format and the elements are to small to copy. We have had a great response from other designers as you can see on the left side of our blog. We give credit to all the designers of the kits along with posting their website below the blogger template preview. ITS LIKE FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOU! Go ahead and take a look at our site - we have over 905,000 views and almost 2300 followers... Let us know by emailing me back at! We would LOVE to be able to use your darling kits for doing what we love most!!!
Thanks for your time and have a great weekend!!

Mike and Tycie said...

Hey Kathryn - Thanks for the quick response! I sent a reply back to your email address if you want to check it out!!

Thanks again!