Friday, March 20, 2009

Oops! You get 1 more daily download for FREE!

I've been giving away my Campin' Stuff set at Digitals, and I somehow left out 3 of the pieces when I zipped up my 15 daily downloads. If you haven't been getting the free pieces and would like to purchase the set, on sale, by the way, you can get the full Campin' Stuff HERE.


You get Day 16, available today! :)

Make sure to grab Day 1 of Kristmess' matching S'More Campin' Stuff Set! Too cute!!!

Click the images below:

Watch for a matching alpha to show up really soon in Kristmess' store. You'll want this to go with her sweet set!

I have two more matching sets that are 20% off!
Have a great adventuresome time with these fun scrapping sets!

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