Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy iNSD!

I just got home from the most awesome concert little Lincoln was in.  He's in Kindergarten, and the children's choir (K-4th) from our church have been practicing 2 hours every Sunday evening for months for this show.  It was really fun, and I'm so proud of him!  With keeping up with grandkids though, I don't have as much loaded in each of my stores as I would like, so bear with me.  I'll tell you what's where at this point. 

Reminder ~ 50% off sale!  All of my stores are on sale through May 7!
Coffee With Robin is now in all of my stores, and you can get all of the parts in the Discount Bundle!

Also new are 6 sets of metals for commercial use and a new set of ribbons.  They're all in my CU Digitals store, and they'll be in my other stores really soon.   

Here's a biggie!  I want to talk to each one of you in my chats at 4 and 6pm, Saturday, May 2.  That's today for most of you!  Please try to come.  It'll be fun, and I may through out a few surprise gifts along the way.  I'd like to thank Janice and Joan ahead of time for helping me with these two chats!
Now, since I haven't loaded as much as I would have liked, I'm going to make a different product at MyMemories FREE each day between now and May 7.  Make sure to look right here every day for the FREE gift and you can browse my MyMemories store while you're there.  I have quite a few products that are only found in that store, and other than the PhotoBook Templates and Album Templates, you can download your purchases for use with the MyMemories program OR for use with other scrapbook software ~ your choice.  Only the Photobook and Album Templates require the MyMemories software to enjoy.
MyMemories FREE gift for Saturday, May 2 ~ Ocean View Bookmarks 1
Thanks for reading!  Have a fun day!

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